Dragonball online

MMORPG dragonball online

Go in search of crystal balls in dragonball online, summon the dragon to unlock great skills such as the skill that allows you to transform into a super-sayan!
Take part in frenzied martial arts tournaments and compete against other players. Face off against the Red Pants Army and the Freezer Army in Dragonball Online.
Learn and master the attack of the wolf of Yamcha, the rock paper chisel of gohan, the Kamehameha of mutenroshi, the garic cannon, the bigbang attack, the final flash of vegeta and all the techniques of the dragonball series, all this online with your friends. Fly in the sky and make your wildest dreams come true in Dragonball online.

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In the MMORPG Dragonball Online, set off with your friends or solo on a thrilling journey through a fantastic world full of secrets. Discover 3 races and 17 class for thrilling PvP, PvE, and raids